The Periodic Table

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The Periodic Table

Creator: Dmitri Mendeleev created the periodic table by organizing them with the first elements man has found.He created the periodic table in 1869. He was born at Tobolsk, Siberia in 1834.So that means he created the periodic table when he was 35.

Introduction to the Periodic Table: The periodic table is just all the elements man has found. In the periodic table there are Metals, Nonmetals, and Semimetals

The Periodic Table

Organization:The Periodic Table is organized by the atomic number which is the number of protons and electrons there are in the atom. It is also organized by groups and periods. The groups are vertical and the periods are horizontal. There is also a zig-zag line seperating the Metals and Nonmetals but touching the zig-zag line are the Semimetals or you can also call them Metalloids.

Metals:Metals are usually pretty solid, they conduct heat and electricity well, when they get cleaned they're shiny, have high melting points, and they can be melted and bent.


Semimetals or Metalloids:They create the zig-zag line seperating the metals and Nonmetals. They're not metal or Nonmetal they're both.

Non-Metals:The non-metals (which is seperated by the sem-metals/metalloids) are dull, don't conduct electricty or heat well, and have low melting points.

Alkaline Earth Metals:Alkaline earth metals (a.e.c.) are important to survival of the human race. If we didn't have a.e.c.we wouldn't be alive. They are also the most reactive of all the elements.

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