The Perfect Storm

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The Perfect Storm

The Perfect StormBY: Sebastian Junger

Dale Murphy "murph"A grizzly of a man from florida,shaggy black hair, a thin beard, and angled alomst Mongolaiin eyes.has a three year old boy with his ex wife. the boys named dale. lives above the crows nest bar the crews favorite hangout."i want to get my boy some toys before i leave" (6). He is a very kind hearted man that does anything to help those in need.

Billy Tyne The captain of the Andrea Gail.He is a meduim height man balck hair and black moustache, looks like a fisherman you would see in a picture on postcard. He always tries to do what he bleives is the right thing to do for himself and his crew, his crew has great trust in him to do the right thing. for example billy says " i always find the fish,always"(91).

Review I really enjoyed this book, it kept me interested throughout the entire story. It really tore at my emotions. the risk they took to try to get the reward is unbeliveble. (gotta risk it to get the biscuit). The author does a good job of describing the characters and explains thier realtionships with eachother and their wives, kids, or girlfriends. Also the emotions they go through throughout the story.4-5 ****



Adventuristic, reckless, herioc, emotional, hopeful, heartwrenching


The story takes place in the Alantic Ocean close to sable island. The fishing boats hom shores were in Gloucester, Massachusetts where most of the crew memebers family lived. It is October 1991 the year of huriccane grace. BIlly and his crew of the Adrea gail got caught dead smack in the middle of two storms wich collieded with the hurricane creating terrible condiotions of 80 knot winds and 60 foot waves.


This is a nonfiction novel that tells a herioc tale of a fishing vessel that was caught in a middle of literally the perfect storm that cost many families homes and millions in damage. The theme of the story was hopeful in a sense. no matter how bad things seemed to be everyone on the andrea gail never gave up even knowing they would probably never make it home. for example billy says "skip we are gonna make it"(159).



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