The Perfect Storm

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The Perfect Storm

Billy Tyne was the captain of the Andrea Gail. He drove from Flordia to get a place onboard. "He really, truly loved to fish." (pg 15) Bobby Shatford is one of the crew members on his ship, he planned to marry as soon as he had enough money. He was a "big, rugged kid." (pg 9) Linda Greenlaw is the captain of the Hannah Boden, "she's one of the best capitans, period, on the entire East Coast." (pg 30) where she fishes, and is one of the only women who swordfishes. Both the ship that she was captain of and the ship that Billy Tyne captained were owned by the same man.



The author was very descriptive. He did a great job explaining the functions of different parts of a boat and what techniques captains use to avoid being capsized. There was a lot of information about the science of the ocean and wave structure to help the reader understand and grasp the severity of various situations.

This book alternates between two main settings, the town of Gloucester and the ocean. When the charecters are on the ocean, the story mostly focuses on the ship Andrea Gail, but it describes the conditions that the other boats are going through in the storm miles away from the ship, and quotes the messages that some ships received from the Andrea Gail. At the begining of the book, the crew of the Andrea Gail is in town. Later when they go out to sea, the ocean is calm. At least until the storm comes. Then the author describes the turbulent waves and the Andrea Gail very well, saying that "The machinery room sits just forward of the engine"



This book made me think of all of the ships that went down during war. It helped me be able to imagine how they might have felt and the intenisity of the worry of the families of those on the ships when they learned that the ship had gone down.

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Madeleine MillerPeriod 712-2-15

The Perfect StormBy Sebastian Junger


5 out of 5 stars

The oceans power is all encompassing


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