The perfect shot

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The perfect shot

"Absolutely Amazing"

"Great Book! Very Intense!"

If you want to play on the team, you have to pass both on and off the court. Mr. Fortner just gave out a huge history project, and if anyone fails it there off the team. If anyone on the team wants to play vs. Jackson and make it to the chapionshp game they all need to pass. Brian gets partnered with Todd, who is kind of a nerd. Julious, who does not show and effet in school work except math, is partnered with Leslie, who hates jocks. WIll they pass the project and play in the big game? Will their partners cooperate or let them fail because they are jocks? Find out in "The Perfect Shot"

Ever been in the wrong time? Julius, Brians best friend and star of the basketball team, got arrested for driving through the wrong neighborhood while he was on his way back from taking his parents to the airport because he "looked suspitious". When he gets out he doesn't act the same.Will this effect him as a person? Will he be allowed to stay on the team?

The Perfect Shot

By: Elaine Marie Alphin



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