The Perfect sentence

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The Perfect sentence

Building Blocks Of The Perfect Sentence

Parts of Speech - Noun: Person, place or thing, idea quiality, or thought -Pronoun: Takes place of a noun-Verbs: Shows action or state of being.-Adjectives: Decribes a noun-Adverbs: Usally modifys a verb, adjective, and even other adverbs-Conjunctions: Words that join words, phrases, or clauses-Articals: Subset of Adjectives; the, a, an {Only 3}-Prepositions: The word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun or another part of the sentence.-Interjections: Expressive words

Subject = Who or what. Everthing before the verb is the subjectPredicate =The Action.Starts with a verb, every word after the verb is called complete predicate.

Combing these things creates:THE PERFECT SENTENCE!


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