The Peregrine

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The Peregrine

The Fastest Animal!!!

The Peregrine Falcon by Finnegan

The Peregrine Falcon is endangered and almost went exinct because of the pesticide DDT. Eating birds that had DDT in them made their eggs soft and break or dry out. Peregrines usually live on cliffs but people are trying to help save the Peregrines and are setting up nests in cities so that they can eat city birds like pidgeons.

Interesting Facts

BibliographySaving the Peregrine Falcon by Caroline Arnold 1985Reader's Digest Pathfinders BIRDS 2000

Peregrine Falcons are found all over the world. The scientific name for those found in the United States is Falco Peregrinus Anatum.

Peregrine Falcons were used for hunting by Royals

Peregrine Falcon can dive at 200+ MPH

The females are more powerful and weigh more than the males. Males are 1/3 smaller and are about 15 inches long and 18 ounces.


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