The Pequots

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The Pequots

The Pequots

Tools and WeaponsPequot hunters and warriors used bows, arrows, spears, and clubs. Pequot fishermen used pronged spears, nets, and bone hooks. Their stone tools came from rocks.

The Pequots were thought of as war-like people, not very friendly. Their name may have meant the destroyers.

Food This Native American tribe had many different types of ways of getting food. Pequots farmed, fished, picked, and hunted for food. They ate foods like corn, squash, sturgeon, shellfish, nuts and berries, venison, rabbit and squirrel.

The Pequots were an Algonquin speaking Native American tribe that lived in the 1600's. They lived in mostly the southeast region of Connecticut and some of Rhode Island.

The wigwams were built together in villages. They lived in them during the farming season. Wigwams were easy to build but not easy to move, so they lived in temporary housing in the winter while they were hunting. As many as 8 to 10 people lived in one wigwam. Inside there is a firepit in the middle and lined with raised platforms covered with animal fur for beds. They stored supplies under the beds and by hanging things.

Essential QuestionIf the Pequots were not raided by the English or other cultures, would their own culture have advanced? I do not think the Pequots would have advanced on their own. I think this for many reasons that I found in my research. First, the Pequots and other Native Americans had been living like this for hundreds of years since they began, so why would they change their style of life? Next the Pequots had a different belief system than us. They believed in treating nature with respect and only use what they needed. This was shown through how they make their tools, weapons, clothes and wigwams. They did not have money or have extra material things. They only had what they needed. Because of this they didn't want or need to advance.

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HistoryAt their peak the pequots numbered around 16000. Between 1616 and 1619 a smallpox outbreak killed about 90% of the indians in New England but did not hit the Pequots until 1633, when the outbreak killed about 80% percent of the population. leaving about 3,000 Pequots right at the beginning of the Pequot war. So the once mighty Pequots could not defend themselves. This resulted in many deaths. The main Pequot fort at Mystic, Conn., was surprised and set on fire. Between 500 and 600 Peqouts were burned alive or slaughtered and if captured they were sold as slaves or given to other tribes. The Pequots wigwams offered little protection during the war because of their weak wooden structures. The war broke out because an English man was killed they thought by a Pequot. A party of colonists were sent to burn their homes and crops to punish them. This upset the tribe and they wanted to aggressively protect what was rightfully theirs.

DwellingsThe Pequots did not live in teepees. They lived in small round wooden houses called wigwams. They were made of wooden frames covered with woven matts and birch bark. They were usually shaped like a dome but could be rectangular or cone shaped. They were 8-10 feet tall.


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