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Inventors and Inventions

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The Pen Project

The Pen!By: Drew Hussar

When:The pen was first invented in 24,000 B.C. and the first pen was made out of wood.

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Where:The first pen was invented in Southwest Africa. An interesting fact is that is was invented in a mountain range.

What: My Piece of technology is the pen that writes words and objects to communicate. How: This invention has caused some problems as the pen is still helpful. We are wasting trees for the paper to write on. It is not very fast and the invention of e-mail is much faster. The pen has been about 1 foot long at one point in its evelution. Older pens not only mechanichly failed but also there choice of ink.

Who invented the pen:Homo Sapiens (Cavemen) invented the pen and then Eygptians took that example then modified that.From 1888-1916 the ball point pen was invented by John Loud. In 1997 you did not need to grip the pen when a ring was invented that you could slip your finger into.


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Why:The pen was invented so people could communicate through words to each other. Also, not everybody spoke the same language so the pen was helpful there to. You would write on a rock with another rock and carve out different shapes what we know today as letters. Paper was invented in 100 BC.

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1. The pen was made out of wood.2. A copper nib was found in the ruins of Pompei3. The first ballpoint pen was invented in October of 1938 by John L. Loud.4. Rollerpens were invented in the early 1970's5. Ancient Egyptians wrote on papryus with reeds.6. In the 1960's fiber or felt tipped pens were invented by Yukio Horie.

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