The Peloponnesian Wars

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The Peloponnesian Wars

The Peloponnesian Wars


Sparta as a very powerful and well trained military and usually wins in battle against Athens.. Sparta moves much slower than Athens because its army marches by foot/horseback. Sparta is able to lay siege (wait) to the city of Athens for a long time. Sparta formed an alliance with other oligarchies calle the Peloponnesian League

Athens democracy was replaced with an oligarchy for a while. (eventually democracy would return). Sparta ruled Athens for a short time. BOTH ATHENS AND SPARTA were WEAKENED and neither would ever again be as powerful. This would make it easier for King Philip and Alexander the Great to take over later.

431 BC Athens angers Sparta so Sparta marches into Athens territory. Athens and Sparta begin to fight for 27 years. Their allies also fight. Sometimes they have peace, but not for long before fighing breaks out again.

Plague breaks out in Athens. Additionally, Athens loses strong leaders, such as Pericles, and their future leaders cannot come up with a good military plan, and so they are frequently replaced.

Sparta gets ships from the Persian Empire (who would love to attack Athens) and destroys Athens port, takes down the long walls, and crushes the Athenians.

Athens does not have the military that Sparta does, but it has a very strong Navy. It uses these ships to drop its soldiers off, attack, and then get back on the ship and sail to another battle. Athens also has built walls around its entire city state, port, and road that connects the two. This means Athens can get its supplies from trade by the sea and never have to leave the city. Sparta's siege has little effect. Athens formed an alliance with other city states called the Delian League

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