[2015] Kiara Moorer: The Pearl

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[2015] Kiara Moorer: The Pearl

A turning point in the story ''The Pearl'' would be when Kino found the pearl. When he found the pearl everything changed. Once Kino found the pearl he thought it would be a blessing but it really wasen't. His canoe was damanged, he eneded up becoming a killer, and coyotio dies.

The Pearl

Turning Point


My character Juana would be the wife of Kinos in the book "The Pearl". Juana was like the vision reader in the book. Once Kino found the pearl she knew that it wouldnt cause anything but trouble. Come to find out she was right. She started to change once Kino found out that Juana stole the pearl.Once he found out she took it he chased her down and slapped n kicked her in her side. Juana said that she knew her husband had murder in her. From that day on she chaned.

Symbol/The Pearl


Symbol- The symbol im using is the "Pearl". Kino said that the pearl was a symbol of his soul. The Scorpion- It was a symbol of evil.

The theme that I choose would be the outcome/ending of the story. I feel as though that if Kino wouldnt have found the Pearl none of this would of happend. The bad thing about it is that all the things Kino was going to do with the pearl, he couldnt get a chance to do anything with it because it was so much going on. He lost a child, abused his wife, lost his canoe and became a murder over something materialistic. Fourtune is all ways a dream come true.


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