The Patriot

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The Patriot

The British

This movie reminds me of the book my brother Sam is dead because Sam, Mr. Meeker’s son, goes of to war because he is headstrong just like Gabriel in the, movie. Another character, Sam’s brother was like Thomas because he was trying to free his brother and almost killed himself. However Thomas did die when he attempted to save his brother. I recommended this book to a friend because I learned a lot of history and war and was exciting to watch.

The patriot was a dramatic historical fiction movie. The movie was based on were the war actually took place. The movie was mostly about a 17 year old wanting to go to war, but his father did not want his son to go. One of my favorite character was Gabriel because he was determined and a marvelous actor. My least favorite character was Colonel Tavington because he set the church on fire were hundreds of people who were innocent died.

The Patriot

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The Patriot

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