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The Patriot

The historical movie “The Patriots”, taught me a lesson. It taught me that war is not a solution. War can bring many problems. For example, my favorite character, Benjamin Martin, lost his house and most of his family. Benjamin wasn’t the type of person to solve problems with violence. Later in the movie, he noticed that for him to keep his family safe he had to fight. Col. Tavington killed one of Benjamin’s sons, Thomas. Benjamin decided to start a militia. He and his army started to kill the British. While Benjamin was fighting, his children stayed with his sister in-law.

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The Patriot

oscar marte

Meanwhile, Gabriel Martin, Benjamin’s 19-year-old son was getting married. Col. Tavington ordered everybody to go to the church. He locked the church up and burned it down with everybody in there including Gabriel’s wife. Gabriel furiously rushed to Col. Tavington to kill him but he didn’t succeed. Tavington stabbed Gabriel. In the movie, Benjamin threatens Col. Tavington that before the war ends he will kill him.

The final battle of the war arrived and people were marching and fighting. There were blood and body parts everywhere. They fought until the British surrendered. Benjamin gratefully killed Col. Tavington. Everybody was cheerful and free. I recommend this movie to the people that enjoy history. I thank the director, Roland Emmerich, for creating marvelous film that clearly showed that hardships experienced by the colonits while engaged in a war with the mighty British empire.


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