The Patriot

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The Patriot

we shell win this war

The movie, The Patriot< is about the Revolutionary War. Benjamin Martin had 7 kids. 2 kids died and his wife is dead also.My favorite character is Benjamin Martin, the father. Because his son, Gabriel Martin,went to warand came back nearly dead, he got better and he went back to war but his father joined also to protect Gabriel. The leaste favorite character is Colonel Tavington. Because he burned down houses and a church down with full of innocent people. War turnes "men into beasts" because Benjamin the (father) killed about 20 British soldiers and stabbed one solider with a knife about 50 times. I felt this strong emotion in about 3 parts of this movie. One was the part that one of his kids died in the first part of the movie and the second part was that one of father’s youngest child talks to father for the first time. I learned in this movie that when your family gets killed some soldier’s would kill themselves. I recommend other kids my age to watch this movie because there are some parts that is very critical, horrible and worthy.

The Patriot

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