The Parts of Speech

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The Parts of Speech

Words that connect.Conjuction: is a word that joins other words or word groups.Preposition: is a connecting word showing how the noun is related to a part of the sentence.

The parts of the speech

It sentence it must have two parts:The subject: names the topic of a sentence. It tells what the sentence is talking about.May be a person, a thing, a place or an idea.The verb: asserts something about the subject. It tells what the subject does.



Parts of the sentence

Words that modify.Adjective: is a word that modify a noun. It describes the nounAdverb: is a word that modify a verb. It describes how, whe, where or to what degree the action is done

Words that name.Noun: is a word that names a person, a place, a thing and an idea.Pronoun: is a word that takes the place of a noun.

Nouns & pronouns

Eight parts

The sentence is our basic unit of spoken or written thought

Conjuctions & prepositions

Words that express doing or being.Verb: is a word that asserts something about the subject.Action Verb: tells what the subject does, did or will do.Linking verb: tells that the subject is, was or will be something.


Words that exclaim.It has no grammatical connection with the rest of the sentence.

Adjectives & adverbs



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