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The Parent Trap

1) The key task is to make the double photography of the "twins'' work. All kinds of tricks are used, and of course the techniques are more advanced than they were in 1961, but since you can't see them anyway, you forget about them.2) Lindsay Lohan has command of flawless British and American accents, and also uses slightly flawed ones for when the girls are playing each other. What she has all the time is the same kind of sunny charm Hayley Mills plan and a sense of trouble that makes us halfway believe in the twins' scheme.3) A movie like this has to cover a lot of ground, in several different locations. That's why good casting is so important. There's not time to establish the characters carefully, so they have to bring their personalities along with them almost from the first shot.

Camera Techniques;They have used many camera techniques to describe the location and the actors. They have mainly long shot, mid shot and close up. They have chosen long shot to show a breif setting of where is the place location taking place. They have also chosen mid shot to show the characters and what sides of place. They have also shown a close up shot because they show the close up of an object or an person. They have shown many techniques to describe many object or person. They show their personality and also the location.

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The Parent Trap - Movie ReviewThe 1998 film The Parent Trap staring Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker // Annie James (identical twins), Dennis Quad as Nick Parker (Dad), Natasha Richardson as Elizabeth James (Mum) and Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake (Soon to be step-mother). This film is a remake of the original 1961 – The parent trip. The movie was directed by Nancy Meyers and produced by Charles Shyer; they wrote the script with David Swift.Hallie Mills played as a twin in 1961 and Lindsay Lohan played as a twin in 1998. Although I was aware that the special effects and over the shoulder doubles were being used. You could easily tell that they used some special effects and camera techniques to bring up the twins. One twins is American, one is british, but even their accents don't help us tell apart, since half of the time they're pretending to be each other. “I'll teach you to be me, and you teach me to be you” one twins says, after they meet by chance at summber camp and relize that they've been raised separatly by divorced parents. It's a splendid story, but in a way the switch is just the setup and the real story involves the parents. They're played by Dennis Quiad and Natasha Richardson, who bring such humor and warmth to the movie.The film opens with pictures of Dennis Quad and Natasha Parker romantic dinner on the Queen Elizabeth 2 ship and being married. The film includes the kind of summer camp where when the 2 identical twins Annie from London and Hallie from California as Lindsay Lohan. They both play pranks on eachother, ending them to isolation dorm making them figure out that they both have the same parents and they are also sisters. They make a switch before summer camp finished making Hallie pretending to be Annie going to London, Annie as Hallie going to California. They are both happy to see their parents when suddenly there is a twist to the film. When suddenly Dennis Quad falls in love with Elaine as Meredith, which ends them up making a plan so that there parents would reunite and would fall back in love again.

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"The Parent Trap"

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Dennis QuadDennis in this film plays a role as Nick Parker. He has his own business at California. He has raised of the twin who is Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Mills. He also has a Nanny for Hallie. After his Divorce with Elizabeth James and he falls in love with Meredith Blake.Natasha RichardsonNatasha in this film plays a role as Elizabeth James. She has her own business, she sells the famous bridal dresses in London. She has raised one of the twin who is Lindsay Lohan as Allie James. She live with her Butler, Father and her daughter.



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