The Parent Trap

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The Parent Trap

Setting- the time and place of the actionEx. Hallie is from Napa Valley, Califronia, and Annie is from London, England. Their paths cross for the first time at Camp Walden in Maine.

Irony- the exact opposite of the desired outcomeEx. When Nick and Hallie Parker suprise the James' by appearing in London After they say their goodbyes.

Theme- the main idea of a storyEx. Love will overcome all obstacles

Conflict- the sruggle between two opposing forcesEx. Annie and Hallie trying to reunite their family while Meredith is trying to marry Nick for his money.

Characters- Protagonist- the main character that the story line followsEx. Hallie Parker and Annie JamesAntagonist- the person who opposes the protagonist in the storyEx. Meredith BlakeDynamic Character- the character(s) that change throughout the storyEx. When Nick Parker and Elizabeth James Overcome their differences and remarry.Static Character- a character eho remains the sameEx. Meredith Blake when she remains cruel to the girls throughout the movie.

Plot- the sequence of events in a storyEx. They plan to switch places, get their parents back together and have the family they've always longed for.

Symbolism- something that represents itself along with something broader than itselfEx. The half picture that each twin posseses represents hope of one day having a family.

Climax- the moment of the highest emotional intensity within a plotEx. When the girls tell their parents that they have been living in each others place since Camp Walden.

The Parent Trap


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