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The Paperman

The PAPERMANFilm - A black & white Disney film


The Paperman -The Paperman is a black & white short Disney movie. The short film tells us about how a man & a women meet at a train station. They meet at the train station by thig big wind that blows the lady bumping into the man, as he was carrying a pile of papersheets one blew into the womans face causing her to leave a big red kiss mark (in this film this kiss mark is the only the color in it as well as her lips.) as soon as the lady notices it she laughs but the man had mixed emotions because she looked at the man as if he had something wrong on him or about him which caused him to be embarassed and sad but after he realised that it was on his paper he laughed until he noticed that she had left on the train.This takes us to the next scene where the man arrives at his work when you see that all the people in their cubicles are wearing the same clothes as him which is meant to show as a sign that the job is ordinary and boring, as soon as the man finishes his pile his boss puts a new pile on his desk to fill out unil when the boss leaves to go back into his office he notices out of his window in the corner of his eye he sees the woman he met at the train station applying for a new job, he tries to get her attention by making and then throwing paper planes but his attempts all fail as he grabs the last one his boss comes back out and gets angry and delivers more papers on his desk but then the man uses all the paper again to get her attention but he storms out the building full of anger and sadness.Then the man walks into a allyway that is dark but had all his failed paperplanes bu as a last try of hope he throws the paperplane that lands into a bunch of flowers that the woman was looking at then she realises that the paperplane was their and then a small amount of paper planes guide her to the train station the same case as the man but a big amount of paperplanes cover the man and push him to the train, both the man and the woman board different trains until they end up facing eachother at the last stop, realise that they were both in love with eachother and lean in for a kiss.


John Kahrs


Walt Disney

The Gentlemen

The Lady

Mickey Mouse



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