The Pantheon

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The Pantheon

ImportanceI think the Pantheon is important to the French people because a lot of famous french people are buried there.

The Pantheonby Reece and Sander

Why was it built?

King Louis XV said in 1744 that if he recovered from an illness he would fix the ruined church of Sainte-Geneviève with an edifice worthy of the patron saint of Paris. The Marquis of Marigny was entrusted with the work. He had sponsored the architect Soufflot, who he chose for the construction of the new Église Sainte-Geneviève, today the "Panthéon, a major work in the neoclassical style. The overall design was that of a Greek cross with massive Corinthian columns. The foundations were laid in 1758, but due to financial difficulties, it was only finished after Soufflot's death, by his friend Jean-Baptiste Rondelet, in 1789.

Interesting Facts 1. The experiment with Foucault's pendulum was held at the Pantheon in 1851. 2. The Pantheon currently serves as a mausoleum and is a popular Paris tourist attraction3. It is 110 meters long and 85 meters wide.

Pantheon HistoryShortly after the Pantheon was built, which back then was called the Sainte-Genevieve Church, the age of the French Revolution, the age of transformations and new ideas came. It was then when the government changed the church into a mausoleum, a place to burry exceptional Frenchmen who had sacrificed their lives for their country or done something great for it. However, the mausoleum was changed back into a church several times until it finally became a burial place for martyrs and brilliant French citizens for good.


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