The Panama Canal Allie

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The Panama Canal Allie

The Panama Canal

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. He believed in building the Panama Canal. He wanted the US to have power and control in Latin America. He wanted to do something that no one else could.

Theodore Roosevelt

Yellow journalism

The Panama Canal

The US and Europeans wanted to construct a canal across Central America to save time. The United States wanted to help Panama break free from Columbia. Columbia owned Panama and refused to lease land to US. The United States sent troops to Columbia to fight off the Colombian troops. Theodore Roosevelt supported a revolution in Panama to overthrow Columbia. He did this by sending ships, men and support. The US helped Panama become independent.

The United States imperialized Panama because they wanted wanted more power and control overseas. The Panama Canal allowed a shorter distance to travel. It took the former route of 12,600 miles and made it 4,900 miles. The US also got security by allowing the US navy ships to go through the canal and get places quicker. The US also wanted presence in Latin America

Theodore Roosevelt was president when the Panama Canal was being build. He wanted to send American troops to Columbia to help free Panama from Colombian control. He sent ships, men and support to Panama to start a revolution against Columbia. TR also went to Panama when it was raining and had very bad weather. It was the wettest time of the year. He wanted to see Panama at its worst and he wanted to make them feel special by seeing them at there worst. TR spent 12 days in Panama at it was the turning point for them.

Yellow journalism made people in America think that working and living in Panama was amazing. They made it sound like Panama was a Eutopia and a vacation. The journalism showed pictures of people smiling and having fun and being happy. In reality, Panama was not an amazing Eutopia. It was very wet and rainy and many people died while working because of accidents, landslides or explosions from trying to blow up the land. The yellow journalism mis-lead the people in America I'm thinking Panama was great. Americans had no clue that Panama was how is was because they had never been to Panama.

Yellow journalism is an exaggeration of an issue in order to draw more attention and sell more newspapers. It was dramatic and not always true writing in newspapers.


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