[2015] Adolfo Monreal: The Pale Mare

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[2015] Adolfo Monreal: The Pale Mare

External Conflict: Consuela loves science and school. Her teacher tells her that she should apply to MIT or Cal Tech. When she asks her parents about going to astronomy camp they weren't too happy about the idea. "You will not go to any camp. Isn't school during the week enough? You have to help us with the business."External conflict: Character vs Society.A conflict that she is having with society is that she doesn't like the Mexican tradition. She dispises how the women are treated because they get to do less than the men/boys in her culture. She hates the Rodeos because it always reminds her of how the women are oppressed in her culture.Internal Conflict/ Character vs Self:One conflict that Consuela has with her self is that she really wanted to go to Astronomy camp, but her family didn't want her to because they wanted her to help them with the business. One of her friends wanted her to just go without permission."Why didn't just go, like my friend Mia suggested? Because I have these stupid Ideals, like honesty


Mama- The MomPapa- The dadManuel- Consuela's brother.The Horses from the charreada.


Main Character

The main character is ConsuelaLoves ScienceLives with her familyDoesn't agree with her tradition"But Why?"

Book Report

The Pale Mare

The Charreada



The story takes place in Los Angeles, California where her family sells food. "The heavy smell of grease and corn hangs over us like a banner, an invisible proclamation: tradition.""Papa leans against the shiny side of our food vendor truck that announces Diaz Family Food.""Our family is always at the Charreada, the Mexican-style rodeo, to sell tamales, burritos, refried beans and sweet bread."

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