[2015] Pulin Guo: The pale mare

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[2015] Pulin Guo: The pale mare

Consuela is a high school student and about 17 years old, She is good at astronomy and physics She lives in Los Angeles witn mother father and consin she very smart She have a ldeals-go to collage

The Pale Mare

Quote''As usual, it's the boys playing outside, with the rare girl running alongside until she can be gathered back into her house.''IN consuela's culture,boys have more rights than girls. She wants to go to astronomy camp, but her dad wants her to food truck to help him .because she is a girl and this is she family traditon. She thinks this is not fair, she want to get freedomconsuela says myself: You need to take root and growup.

Quote;''We want you to be happy with a nice boy, to have a family.''consuola's dad has tradition from mexico can not go to collage, but consuela's teacher say she is very smart she should go tocollage,consuea's not happy. so from the conflict she want to struggle to dad

Runaway Girl

Quote;''Each of my strides jars adifferent recent memory Earlier this week atschool my teacher exclaining over my workin physic exeelen work consuela. i'll write a letter recommdatrotr ofyou.''consuela wants to go to astronorny camp but she does not want to make her dad angry. she dos make her dad angry. She does not know what to do. She is honest so she works at the charreada because her dad wants her to.


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