The Pact period 1

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The Pact period 1

Summary: Three kids growing up in the rough neighborhood of Newark discover a way to get out of Newark. They decide to leave behind their past life and go to college and become doctors.

Author's Purpose: The author is writing this to share their good and bad experiences. THey want to show that you can have a successul career even when you start with almost nothing. They want to inspire kids not to fall to peer pressure and become drug dealers or particapate in crimes.

Genre:This is an Autobiography because the authors use words like "I" and "me". They also tell about their life experiences. Its from their point of view.

The Pact By: Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt

Bias: When they did fun raisers and other similiar things they always seemed to help the kids of Newark, their old neighborhood.

RecomandationThis book is worth reading. The way the author tell their different childhoods and have them tie together at the end. This made the book more interesting and make me want to keep reading.

Connection:I connect this book to the biography of Michael Oher the football player for the Ravens that grew up in a poor drug dealers and killers around every corner. The biggest connection was that they all grew up without a father in their life.


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