The Pacman Frog

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The Pacman Frog

Procedure1.Collect all materials2.Carefully weigh frog on scale and measure him with ruler to find his original weight and size. NOTE: non-powdered latex gloves should be warn to prevent oil from hands from irritating the frog’s skin.3.Take 2 medium sized crickets out of the cricket enclosure.4.Carefully place them in front of the pacman frog.5.Watch cool frog eat the 2 crickets.6.Record this in your log. NOTE: Change the frog’s water every day, and make sure his terrarium is moist.7.Repeat steps 3-6 every day for 7 days. NOTE: Once a week, prey items should dusted with a calcium/multivitamin supplement.8.Weigh and measure frog to find weight gained on 1 week of crickets.9.Record this in your log.10.Wait for 1-2 days.11.Take 1 6cm earthworm out of soil enclosure.12.Carefully feed the earthworm to the frog.13.Record this in your log.14.Repeat steps 11-13 every other day for 7 days. NOTE: The 6cm worm every other day should match the mass of 2 crickets every day.15.Carefully weigh and measure frog to find weight gained on 1 week of earthworms.16.Record this in your log.17.Compare the weight gained on crickets to the weight gained on Earthworms.18.Record this in your log.

The Pacman Frog

Are crickets or worms more fattening?

Victor Cummings

ConclusionIn my experiment, my frog gained more weight on the diet of crickets than of the worms. During the week of crickets he gained 4.9g, during his week of worms he gained only 3.4g.

MaterialsoTerrarium (for frog)oPacman Frog (horned frog)oMoss and Coconut Fiber (for frog)oShallow water dish (for frog)oCricketsoWormsoPieces of Carrot, Apple, and Potato (to feed crickets)o2 Enclosures (for crickets+ worms)oSoil (for worms)oScale (grams)oMetric RuleroCalcium/multivitamin supplementoNon-powdered latex gloves

I think that crickets will be more fattening because they contain more carbohydrates than worms.


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