The Owls Eye

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The Owls Eye

Because the owl lost its eye, it can have a great impact on the owls life style. For an example its loss of vision can effect the essential life functions, like responding to their enviroment: Finding food and mates, ecaping predators and to move away from toxins.

The retinal vessel in the owls eye was damaged. Because the retinal vessel in the eye carries blood away from the retina, when it is blocked blood flow backs up and causes tiny hemmorages, areas of swelling, and other pressure damage. This can cause loss in vision high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, and lymphoma.

What Damaged the eye?

The Owls eye

How does this effect the owl?

The owl may not be able to survive on its own after losing its eye. A possble solution is training the owl to surivive and regain their skills without there eye in a safe enviroment like a zoo, or special bird centers.

Possible solutions

I claim that the loss of the owls eye has effected their ablities to respond to thier envrioments and its solution is to train the owl to regain thier skills in a special bird center. * Wild bird center* Finding food and mate* Escaping predatorsThe loss of the owls eye is in need of a different life style. The owl needs to regain his skills without his eye. For an example he needs to be able to find food in order to survive. The possible solution is to place it in a wild bird center until the owl is prepared to live on its own.

Scientific Explanation


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