The outsiders

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The outsiders

The Outsiders was set in 1967 in thecity of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The book was written by a S. E. Hinton when she was a Sophomore in High School. She was 16 when she finished the book. There where 2 groups that walked the halls of her high school. The Rebels and the Populars. She was in the middle, called a "Tomboy."She decided to write this book when her and a friend were walking home from the movies and a car full of "Socs" pulled up and beat her friend, a "Greaser" up.

Two Rivals = Greasers and the SocsGreasers were huge fans of Elvis.At that time, Elvis was known as a Rebel.The Socs (short for Socialites) listened to the Beatles. They were known to have $$$.The Greasers believed that they had a disadvantage, or unfair breaks in life.The Socs were believed to have an advantage being born into wealth and prosperity.

The Outsiders


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