The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

The Outsiders

ConflictFighting between who is better and who is not is the deal in a town of Oklahoma. Greasers and Socs keep fighting for the right of who is better but some would rather have peace than bumps, bruises, and blood.

PonyboyPonyboy is intelagent because he gets good grades in school. Ponyboy is also sensitive because he runs away when darry shouts and yells at him.

SettingA filthy, loud, crowded, and dangerous town in Oklahoma. With tons of gangs that get into lots of fights.

By: S. E. Hinton

ClimaxJonny killed Bob before Bob about drowned Ponyboy. If Jonny did stop bob by doing something like killing him, then Ponyboy would of died.

Citationbookrags.comGoogle imagesYoutube video by 2334523

GenreThe genre is realistic fiction because people still are in gangs and we still have criminals like Dally when he robbed the supermarket.

"...,Dally blew of steam in gang fights,..."

"I think I killed him."

"Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard that it nocked me against the door."


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