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The Outsiders

BOOKThe OutsidersBy: S.E. Hinton Richie Walsh

The greasers are the bad and poor kids of town, and they have such a strong hate for the Socs. When Ponyboy gets in a fight with his older brother Darry, Ponyboy decides to grab Johnny, who is living outside, and run to the playground to cool off. When the Socs show up to jump the greasers, then one thing led to another, and Johnny stabbed the ring leader of the Socs, and kills him. Dally helps them out and tells the two boys to hide out at an abondoned church until the news cools off. After a week, the church catches on fire, and Dally gets minorly hurt and Johnny gets severe burns from the fire, and later dies in the hospital. The greasers and the socs decide to rumble in an empty lot because of there hatred, and the fact that Johnny killed Bob. After the greasers beat the Socs, then Dallas robs a store and pulls a gun on the cashier because the one person he cares about dies (Johnny.) The cops track him down, and once he pulls the gun out, the cops shoot him, and kill him on the scene.



The theme of The Outsiders is friendship because no matter what, the six of them have eachothers back. Dally is always looking out for Johnny, Johnny stabbed a Socs because they were drowning Ponyboy, Soda is always looking out for Ponyboy, and Steve and Soda always look out for eachother. Darry looks out for Soda and Pony because he is their gaurdian because their mom and dad died. The greasers faught the Socs because they jumped Pony and Johnny, and if that didn't happen then Johnny would be alive.


Ponyboy Curtis is the main character in The Outsiders. His brothers are Soda Curtis and Darry Curtis. They both are an important part of The Outsiders. Ponyboy has a great relationship with his buddy Johnny. Johnny is good friends with the bully of the book, Dallas. Soda's bestfriend and co-worker is his pal Steve. Two-Bit is the funny/immature one of the gang. The antagonists of the book are the socs, and Ponyboy and his gang are called the greasers.

The book takes place at the Curtis house, the playground, abondoned church, Empty lot, and the hospital.

I reccomend this book to kids over the age of 12 because it has some curse words, and only kids older than the age of 12 would really understand and relate to the book. The Outsiders is an extremely suspenseful book and one of the best books i have ever read.




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