The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

The Outsiders


Ponyboy is probably the least gangster one in the gang. He is very academic. This is apparent when he says "I'm supposed to be smart ; I make good grades and have a high IQ." Also he gets put in A classes. Ponyboy is also caring. He cares for other members of the gang and other people he doesn't even know. When the church caught fire instead of running away he went inside and saved some kids. He said " I'll get them, don't worry."

Ponyboy has light-brown hair almost-red and with greenish-gray eyes. He has long hair which is squared off in the back and kind in the front and sides.

Ponyboy has an apparent relationship with Johnny. Johnny who is believe to be the scared one of the gang, killed one of the socs to save ponyboy. They both go the an abandoned church together after that. Ponyboy says that Johnny is probably the only one that gets him.

A theme that is used in the novel is that gang members stick together. We can reflect this when Johnny told Ponyboy "you ought to go home. You didn't get into any trouble you didn't kill him." Ponyboy said " I'm in it as much as you are." He didn't want to leave Johnny alone and they stayed together.

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