The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

The OutsidersBy S.E. Hinton

The Socs show up in the greasers area and attack Johnny and Ponyboy which forces Johnny to stab and kill bobby for self defense.

After saving the kids Dally and Johnny end up in the hospital From Third degree burns and ...

Even though johnny killed bobby he is still quiet and has that innocent puppy look in his face,

By Lianna Mckenney

The charactersThe greasers-Ponyboy-Johnny-Dally-Darry-Sodapop-TwobitThe Socs-Bobby-Randy-Cherrie Valancei

The outsiders is about a boy named Ponyboy,his family, and his gang called the greasers.In the story the greasers and Ponyboy are enemies with the socs, a higher class group. While there rivralry continues Ponyboy and Johnny end up leaving the area after Johnny commits a crime and go to an old church. While hiding Dally helps the boys from getting caught by the cops. Soon even though the cops find them they don't go to jail but get rewarded for doing somehthing good. By the end though nothing was the same.

First PonyBoy, Johnny, and Darry went to the movies and Ponyboy was talking to Cherrie Valancie.

Dally is very energetic and is very helpful too and tough also.

Ponyboy and Johnny left but then Darry hurts Ponyboy so then Ponyboy leaves and sits with Johnny.

Twobit is funnny and joyful like when they were in the hospital to visit Dally by talking about how he was surprised that Dally was in the paper for being a hero not for being bad.

Ponyboy Darry and Soda care for eachother even though Darry doesn't get along with Ponyboy at the beginning of the story

Johnny and Ponyboy tell Dally and he tells them to go to a church which soons burns down with children in it so Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally save them


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