The Outsiders - Two Bit

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The Outsiders - Two Bit

The Socs are the rich kids that live on the West side of town. They drive tuff mustangs and always get what they want. The Socs jump Greasers when they are all by themselves. Usually the Socs out number the greaser by three or more when they jump the Greasers. Sometimes they can be in the newspaper for doing something bad and then the good kids donating money.

My name is Keith Mathews but the gang calls me Two-Bit. I am eighteen and a half years old and I am still a junior in high school. Most of the time I go for the fun of getting in trouble. My parents don't really care what I do, so I hang out with the gang. The gang are like brothers to me. I love to joke around and I am the second oldest. Whenever the police talk to me, I smart comment about everything. I love the gang and will always look out for them.


The Outsiders

The Greasers are a gang that live on the East side of town. We are the poor kids that drive junky cars, wear blue jeans, and boots. We like to slick are hair back with grease and grow the hair out. Are gang is more like a family to us then friends.

The fight is coming soonWe are out under the moonPaul starts the fightGreasers drop them left and rightThen the Socs ran awayBecause they couldn’t stayJohnny is about to dieI guess we have to say goodbye

The Greasers

The Socs


Rumble On


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