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The Outsiders Timeline

The Outsiders TimelineBook By S.E. HintonTimeline By Kayla Campbell

6. Chapter 6- The Church catches fire. After Johnny, Dally, and Ponyboy come back from Dairy Queen they come back to the church to find that it catched on fire. Johnny and Ponyboy rush inside to save the kids trapped inside the church.

8. Chapter 8- The Rumble. The Socs and Greasers fight. This will decide what will have between the connections of Socs and Greasers.

9. Chapter 9- Johnny Dies. Becuase of his injures Johnny dies. He dies in the hospital.

10. Chapter 10- Dally Dies. Dally is so upset becuase Johnny dies. He makes a bluff to the fuzz so that they will shoot him.

7. Chapter 6- Dally and Johnny are put in the hospital. After they are both hurt in the fire Dally and Johnny are rushed to the hospital. The gang is there.

4. Chapter 4- Johnny kills Bob. Johnny is forced to kill Bob after him and Ponyboy go to the park. Then he and Ponyboy are jumped by the Socs who almost kill Ponyboy. Trying to save his friend Johnny stabs Bob with his switchblade.

3. Chapter 3- Ponyboy runs away. Ponyboy is upset because Darry slaps him. Later he goes to Johnny's house.

5. Chapter 4- Ponyboy and Johnny run away. Ponyboy and Johnny are forced to run away after Johnny kills Bob. Dally tells them to go to Jay Mountain.

1. Chapter 1- Ponyboy is jumped by the Socs. Pony boy is coming out of the movie theater and he is jumped by the Socs. Darry and Sodapop save POnyboy from the Socs.

2. Chapter 3- Darry slaps Ponyboy. Ponyboy is late home because he accidentally fell asleep in the lot with Johnny. Darry got so mad he slapped Ponyboy.


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