The Outsiders Mary Regeis

by maryregeis
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Language Arts

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The Outsiders  Mary Regeis

I have a few different cliques, I have my school clique, I have my school basketball clique and I also have my aau basketball clique. I act the same around all my cliques. However, when I meet some one for the first time, I act very different than I do around my best friends and family. I am very quite around the people I dont know, until I get to know them better. I think most people are like this too. Being with your group of best friends and being with a stranger, are very different, esspically for teens. We should all try to get to know more people and get to know other people better.

When we were little, everyone used to be our best friend. Now we all have our own groups and cliques. When we were little we all liked the same things and always got along with everyone. However, being in 8th grade now, things have changed. I personally like having a few best friends, than being best friends with everyone. You and your best friend usally have the same intrests and like the same things. You know you can always count on your best friends, just like Ponyboy's gang in "The Outsiders". All of the greasers are friends, they just have different cliques, like Ponyboys gang and Tim Shepards gang. This is the same at St. Pius. We are all friends, we just have different cliques.

The Outsiders

Peer Relationships

Best Friends Forever!!

I'd rather be texting my friends.-Mary R.


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