The Outsiders - Haylee Harris Honors Lit

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The Outsiders - Haylee Harris Honors Lit

The OutsidersS.E. Hinton

I feel this song is pretty much the embodiment of best friends. It's about two boys, that have known each other since they were children, and they have all kinds of diffferent advetures.I feel that Sodapop is the best one to represent friendship because he was a friend to everyone. He was cute, loveable, and absolutely charming to everyone, and everyone loved this boy.


Social Ostracism

This song, plain and simple, is about bullying. Several lines decribe people that are being made fun of and are the social outcasts. The Greasers are the outcasts of the town, and all the Socs taunt and tease, hurt and hinder them.Even in the book, I feel that Steve is a bit of an 'Outsider' to the group. He doesn't get much of the limelight, and the only one to genuinely likes him is Soda. Pony said it himself that he doesn't like Steve much.

Staying Gold

Everytime I hear this song, I can't help but cry. I know, the song is from a video game, but the scene where it plays is so sad! Basically, the whole game is about how you and your partner, Grovyle, come from a future that has been destroyed by the collapsing of Temporal Tower. You and Grovyle travel back in time to prevent this from happening. However, there are complications during the trip, resulting in your memory loss, and a change in appearance. You are found by another person, and you partner up with them. Evetually, you, your partner, and Grovyle, prevent the Tower from collapsing. But, there is a catch. By changing the present, all the people living in the future will no longer exsist. This song plays when you explain what is happening to your partner, then you ''fade away'', or ''die''. 'Staying gold', I imagine, is still seeing the wonder and innocence of the world around you. In the game, when you fade, I imagine your partner 'loses their gold'. That's why I find this song so sad.I chose Two-Bit because he is the wise-craking, Mickey-Mouse-loving, overgrown child of the group. Sure, he has his dark moments, but he still retains his view of the world. He interprets his surroundings, and cracks jokes about it,even through the darkest of times. Two-Bit stays gold.



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