[2015] Kristina Do (7B English): The Outsiders Glog

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Social Studies

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[2015] Kristina Do (7B English): The Outsiders Glog

A benefit for conformity is that you won't hurt your friends feelings. Your relationship would be more trusted from your opinions or words. But a cost would be that you are not being honest and you are just agreeing with your friend. A benefit for nonconformity is that you are being honest in your relationship and your friends would be thankful for your honesty. A cost would be that if you made a rude comment or opinion, you could lose your strong relationship, and those friends would lose their trust in you. For example, if a friend were to ask to cheat on a quiz, you would not help them. You would be nonconforming. If you were to help them, you are conforming.

My relationship with my friends is great. We are all caring, loving, and honest with each other. I hope my friends and I create many more memories in the future. All of my friends are extremely kind to me.

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton

Peer Relationships

Costs/Benefits for Conformity

My relationships with my friends and families are all unique and different, which I am okay with. I can learn new characters from each person, because we are all different. I like having friends and family members who have same interests as me and can get along well. My friends and family I have by my side are perfect.

When you are in a relationship, it will impact the person that you will become. You will be able to learn different things from each other. In my relationships, I like to be with people who are nice, funny, helpful, trustworthy, dependable, and supportive. Being close to people

6 Word MemoirOpinions can't change who I am

Peer Relationships

Effects of Your Peer Relationship


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