[2013] Samra Brkic: The Outsiders

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[2013] Samra Brkic: The Outsiders

Stay gold Ponyboy.. Stay gold.

From hair grease and old churches to mustangs and heavy rings, "The Outsiders", has it all.

I think the message the author is trying to send us through, "The Outsiders" is we’re all people and we all have problems. It may seem like the socs get everything handed to them on a gold platter or the greasers have no problems, they’re just run wild, but there’s always more to the story. These “groups”, these “categories”, they relate to the real word. We all think these things whether or not we realize it. S.E Hinton, the author, did know this, she understood it so well, she found a way to show everyone else. Through an amazing story. If we accept this, understand it, you never know, your best friend or soul mate could be right in front of you, but your divided… by this line… that doesn’t exist. The same difference.

I would most definitely recommend both the book and the movie “The Outsiders” to anyone 13 or older. There is some inappropriate language and themes, but just it adds to the drama and helps show how much things have changed since the 60s. The movie will keep you guessing from the edge of your seat.If you want a blast from the past, an action, or even just want to shed a tear, “The Outsiders” is definitely the movie for you.

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The Outsiders!

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I think “The Outsiders”, is a great book, I would personally give it a 7/10. I loved the message and I enjoyed all the truth and realism there was in the book. It was refreshing to read about real problems that happen in the real world even though the book is a bit older. I’m not much of a robot/sci-fi person, so it was nice. The characters all had their own background, it felt like I really knew them. I didn’t really like all the underage smoking/drinking/theft. They made it seem like it was normal, it was okay, when it really isn’t. I also didn’t really like the ending. It ended in a sad way, with not much more information of what’s to come next for everybody. Yes, it does make you think, but I prefer a wrapped up ending.

"The Outsiders", is a novel set in the 1860's about two rivalry social classes. The Greasers and the Socs. The Socs; the rich kids from the West side of town, and the greasers; the tuff rebels from the East. Neither group can resist a good rumble, but when things start to get complicated and people start losing their lives, they start to learn there’s a whole lot more to life than who has the slickest hair.

Ponyboy lives on the rough side of town, with his two brothers Sodapop and Darry. Life isn’t easy, he’s either arguing with Darry, facing the socs to possible death, or dealing with another yet occurring problem. When Ponyboy and his closest friend, Johnny, are in a life or death situation with the Socs, drastic times call for drastic measures. Johnny must kill Bob, the leader of the Socs, to keep Ponyboy alive. What to do, where to go? In a panic the boys leave town to an old abandoned church. When Dally, the mischievous of the gang comes to visit, it is decided they will turn themselves in. On the way back, they notice the church has lit on fire… with children still inside. Ponyboy and Johnny know what they must do, save the children. In their effort, all the children escape safely, but unfortunately the boys are not that lucky. Dally and Ponyboy will live, but Johnny is in a life threatening condition. Even as heros, their world doesn’t feel happy when Johnny could die any minute. As things start to change,the rumble is already around the corner. After a victorious win for the Greasers, Dally and Ponyboy charge of to go visit Johnny. He mutters his last words and it’s over. Johnny has died and it’s just too much for Dallas. He runs off and before they know it the whole gang is getting a call to find he robbed a bank and the police are hot on his trail. It’s done, Dallas has committed suicide. How are they going to go on? What just happened? It’s all in “The Outsiders”, and more.

Plot Summary!

Now-a-days our trends come and go day through day. From beyblades to silly bandz to black to pink. Back in the 60s things were much easier to keep up with. Fads lasted for a while, and you’d be sure to see them everywhere. What was the new “it” in the 60s? Lets find out.We all know about how bellbottoms where the trendiest and everyone had Beatlemania, but what about those other less known items? Everyone absolutely needed a groovy lava lamp and a matching mood ring. Lets not forget the banana seats on their bike and the super balls to throw around the room.Their toys where pretty strange. They loved their barbies and all but troll dolls and ouija boards where all the trend. Always fun to contact the dead… My personal favorite was how they got their hair looking good. We use a straightener, but how was the idea come up with? Well in the 60s, if you wanted flat hair, you’d have to get your iron out… it might hurt a bit and only last an hour, but it was all worth it. What do you think of the trends from the 60s? Would you ever play with a troll doll?

My favorite part of "The Outsiders", was the last few chapters, specifically during the time Dally killed himself. It wasn't that I enjoyed him dying, it was just good to see he had more in his heart than emptiness. Before he was always just Dally, tuff, rebellious Dally, but after losing Johnny, his character grew so much more. We learned he did love, and care, he wasn't just a brick wall. I wish we could have seen more of the deep Dally, but he really showed the biggest, most drastic gesture of all to prove he cared. He killed himself, because the one person he loved most, died. That was personally my favorite part, the revealing of the full Dallas.


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