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The Outcasts

The OutcastsBy: John Flanagan

Characters-Hal, the main character, no one likes him at first, but then people recognize his good acts-Thorn, Hal's father's best friend, and Hal's friend -Stig, Hal's best friend, and Hal's second in command-Tursgud, the main enemy and bully in the story

RatingI give the Outsiders a 5 out 5 stars. Because I liked every part of it, and it kept me on my toes.

Plot Hal lost his father at a young age. His father's best friend Thorn had a promise to keep about to take care of Hal and his mother. Hal is a genius, he creates all sorts of inventions. He unfortunately is an outcast because his mother is a former slave. He meets a boy named Stig who is also an outcast. They become friends when Hal saves Stig's life. Hal creates a awesome boat and Hal, Stig, and a few other boys ride it. Hal uses the same boat later in the story. They soon have to go to Brotherband training with all the other boys their age. In Brotherband training you train for war, teamwork, and shiphandling. Hal and Stig get rejected by the other two captains, and they get put on a team with a bunch of outcasts also. They have to have a captain so Hal becomes captain. There are two other teams competing in the challenge to win Brotherband training. In training before the events Hal learns that he excels at shiphandling, but is not the warrior that he wants to be. Hal and his teammates quickly become friends, and compete in the multiple events at the challenge.

RecommendationI recommend this book for boys, mostly from ages 9 and up, because it has some more mature elements sometimes. This book was one of my favorite books, I highly recommend it for anyone that reads it.

ThemeNever give up no matter who you are. Because in the Outcasts, Hal and his team never gave up and never lost hope.

GenreRealistic Fiction, because it could've happened a while ago in the medeval age.

Author's PurposeThe author wants to entertain.

SettingThe setting of the Outsiders takes is in a place called Hallasholm, and it's in old medival times.


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