The Outcast: Archetypes

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The Outcast: Archetypes

The Outcast

The Ugly Duckling was a duck that was born different than everyone else. His own family treated him different due to the fact he look different than they did. He tried to live with others but they still teased adn picked on him because of his looks. One day he found someone to stay with that didn't treat him different and loved him for who he was. Eventually he became a beautiful swan.


The Ugly Duckling

The Yellow Wallpaper

The YTellow Wallpaper was about a lady who was ill. Her husband had her on medicines to control her illness. He also kept her from working and having visitors. He kept her in a room with barred windows and ugly yelow wallpaper. Eventually she began to like that wallpaper adn studied everyday. The narrator quoted, "The wallpaper is changing her". SHe decided she wanted the wallpaper down to find the creeping woman behind it. She finally got the nerve to take it down and was finally set free.

the yellow wallpaper

inner beauty

Ugly to Beautiful

Depressed to Free

In the beginning the ugly duckling was considered an outcast due to he was different from everyone else. He later discovered that he had beauty on the inside too. Finding his beauty made him a better duck

the lady was an outcast in the beginning becasue she was all alone and left to believe she was really sick. She had no surroundings besides her husband and his sister. She realized through the wallpaper there was a way out and she could be set free. The creeping lady was her husbands mistress that she knew about but tried to hide it from herself.

the uglly duckling


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