The Outback

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The Outback

OutbackNothing says Australia quite like our Outback. The open spaces that seem to stretch on forever tell the story of the exploration and development of our wide brown land, and reflect Australia’s pioneering spirit and unique identity. You can find a little bit of the outback in every state of Australia, and while the regions are remote, they can be easily accessed from most major cities and towns.From challenging four wheel drive adventures to sprawling cattle stations of more than a million hectares and from rugged mountain ranges and spectacular gorges to the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world, the Australian Outback symbolises the essence of Australia.(Information taken from website:

The LandThe fertile areas are used for sheep and cattle grazing. The majority of The Outback consists of infertile clay areas. Many torists visit.

The AnimalsA wide range of animals live in Australia's Outback: the red kangaroo, emu, and dingo. Many of the animals found in the area are endangered.

TourismVisitors to the outback often drive their own or rented vehicles, or take organized tours. Travel through remote areas on main roads is easily done and requires no planning. However travel through very remote areas, on isolated tracks, requires planning and a suitable, reliable vehicle (usually a four-wheel drive).

The PeopleOnly American military personnel, Hollywood film crews and the occasional cattle drover live in the Australian outback. There are however plenty of kangaroos.Read more:

The Outback


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