The Orignals

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The Orignals

Fatou Barry

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Niklaus:is an orignal Vampire and the orignal hybride, he is also the father of hopeElijah: is an orignal vampire, he is one of the most powerfull creatures along with his brothers and sister, only Niklaus (halfbrother) is stronger than him.

Freya:is the eldest child. it was long thought that she was dead.But she was taken by her aunt and raised by her.She returns in season 2Rebekah:is the only female orignal vampire and is the jongest Hayley:is the Weerwolf who has a baby with KlausDavina:is a young vere powerfull witch

Marcel:is the adoptive son of klaus and finds himself the king of New Orleons

Cami:is a bartender and a psychology student and a psychology student who moved to New Orleons to find out the truth about the death of her twinbrother. Both Klaus and Marcel are attracted to her and hope to keep her out of the weerwolf witch and wolfproblems. Thats going to be diffecult cause she knows the truth about the supernatural world and discovers that he brother was cursed to murder himself.She is good friends with Davina and Josh.

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The orignals is about the orignals family of Vampires. As Niklaus gets a message that there are some witches in New Orleons who are planning somting against him he goes to investagit. As he returns to New Orleons a city he helped building centuries ago. He founds out that he has pregnant Hayley (the weerwolf). First he doesn"t care but later he wil ashe,sees that Marcus his adopted son has everything that he had.He wants tho stay to get those things bag and take care of his family and hayley.this a little bit about Season 1

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