[2015] israel delgadillo (3rd Period): The Origin of Legalism

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[2015] israel delgadillo (3rd Period): The Origin of Legalism

Legalism argued that to have a peacful society, there had to be an emphasis on strict,obedience,harsh laws.People were so bad, and so evil, that a strong goverment needed to enforce these laws.Han fei believed that if the goverment did this,Han Fei believed,that the world would be at peace.Rulers were needed to follow three simple steps in order to be effective. The three steps are Law,Method,and Legitimacy.Han Fei believed that if rulers followed those rules then there would Be no one who would dare break the law ever again.Some of the teachings of Legalism still exists today, one example is in politics.

The teachings  of Legalism

"Only an intelligent ruler is capable of applying heavy punishments to light offenses. If light offenses carry heavy punishments, one can imagine what will be done against a serious offense. Thus, the people will not dare to break the laws."-Han Fei (Han Feizi)


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