The Oregon Trait

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The Oregon Trait

The Oregon Trail




Emigrant John B. Hill: "The ferryman allowed too many passengers to get in the boat, and the water came within two inches of the gunwale. He ordered every man to stand steady as the boat was liable to swamp. When we were nearly across the edge of the boat dipped; I thought the boat would be swamped instantly and drowned the last one of us."

For many years, cholera(A bacterial disease causing severe diarrhea and dehydration, usually spread in water) hit the emigrants along the Oregon trail. Another hardship that came along with this disease that was spreading was some people were buried alive,becuase the people who weren't infected had to move on. Since most of them piled up thier wagons some had to walk the whole 2,000 mile journey on foot. Another challenge was crossing rivers which were many people died drowning.

Emigrant Agnes Stewart: "We camped at a place where a woman had been buried and the wolves dug her up. Her hair was there with a comb still in it. She had been buried too shallow. It seems a dreadful fate, but what is the difference? One cannot feel after the spirit is flown."

1. A single one of these wagons could weigh over 2,000 pounds.2. Common foods these people ate included coffee, bacon, beans, rice, flour, and crackers.3. Many travelers on the trail burnt buffalo chips, the dried out manure from the American buffalo.4. While traveling this trail, most children along for the journey did not attend school.5. In some places out west, you can still see the ruts of the wagon wheels worn into the ground from this mass exodus out west.



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