The Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail

Challenges Along the Trail-shortages of food and supplies-rough weather-geographical barriers-Native American tribes-rivalry between the pioneers

Did You Know?The dung of animals (such as buffalo) were used as frisbees by the children on the journey. However, they served a greater purpose: fuel. There wasn't much of it to be found, so they simply used the resources around them to compensate.

TheOregon Trail

An excerpt from the journey of John Ball, after they had reached Oregon:First Teacher in Oregon, 1832-1833But not liking thus to live gratis, l asked the doctor, as he was always called, being a physician, for some employment. He at first told me I was a guest and did not expect to set me to work. But after further urging, he said if I was willing he would like to have me teach his son and other boys about the fort. I, of course, gladly accepted the offer. So he sent the boys to my room to be instructed, all half-breed boys of course, for there was not then a white woman in Oregon. The doctor's wife was a Chippewa woman from Lake Superior, and the lightest woman, a Mrs. Douglas, a half-breed woman from Hudson Bay. Well, I found the boys docile and attentive and making good progress, for they are precocious and generally better boys than men. And the old doctor used to come in to see the school and seemed much pleased and well satisfied. And one time he said, "Ball, anyway you will have the reputation of teaching the first Academy in Oregon." And so I passed the winter. The gentlemen in the Fort were pleasant and intelligent, a circle of a dozen or more usually at the well provided table, where there was much formality. They consisted of partners, clerks, captains of vessels, and the like--men to wait on the table and probably cook, for we saw nothing or little of their women, except perhaps sometimes on Sundays out on a horse-back ride, at which they excelled.

Journal ofJohn Ball

Did You Know?A woman by the name of Narcissa Whitman had recently gotten married to Marcus Whitman (a Presbyterian missionary); after which their honeymoon was spent on the Oregon Trail: in the same wagon as her ex-boyfriend Henry Spalding! People aren't sure that they got along too well...

Did You Know?A war was started between the pioneers and Sioux tribe because of a wandering cow? When the Sioux offered a horse in place of the cow, the pioneers refused; which ended up causing the Sioux to kill more than two-thirds of their soldiers.

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Did You Know?A man named Henderson Luelling carried over a million dollars worth of cargo on a covered wagon. Guess what it was: fruit trees. When an orchord was started after they settled, Luelling became quite a wealthy man! Someone else attempted this, but their wagon unfortunately overturned.

Did You Know?Infections raged within the traveling packs, and there was no treatment. You caught something? You're dead. Often people were thrown out of the wagons and left for dead along the trail. The more humane left a watcher to sit with someone during their final moments; and more often than not, they watched their own graves being dug. It's suspected that some were buried alive!


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