The Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail Map

Pictures from google

Wagon train

1846-1869That's the time period

Whats really cool is that there was thousands of avretisments to move west. Also a group of prire schooners is called a wagon train. One more trust me, a jumping off city is when you buy supplies, even anamails.

You know pioneers travled on dry prieres, hot plains, swift rivers, and steep mountins. Also explores came back telling storys of the land and everything thats great there.

Many overlanders were going for the Oregon,California,Utah, or New Mexico Territory.

Manifest Destiny ment that people new that land that all the land would become art of the U.S, and that where the lived would be lucky land.

They left for freedom,land, and riches. Also The pioneers that went on the land were called overlanders. Last one stay right here they toke out stuff that they didn't need on the trip.

These people in the picture are the first people to go on the Oregon trail so their kind of inportant.

By:Arianna Henriquez:)

This picture (on the right) is a picture of the oregon trail.



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