The Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail

A map of the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

WHAT IS THE OREGON TRAIL? If you’re going to travel the Oregon Trail, first you’ve got to know what it is. The Oregon Trail is a path that lead the pioneers to the other side of this beautiful country. The Trail is about two thousand miles long and about four hundred thousand people traveled the Oregon Trail. Many people traveled the Trail to start a new life in Oregon City. From 1811 through 1840, you could only go on foot or horseback. In 1841, people started bringing covered wagons on the Oregon Trail. Now you know what the Oregon Trail is.

A picture of the Oregon Trail

Jobs you would need to do as a women would be taking care of the children while the dad of the hardest jobs women had to do is clean the wagon that was hard because she needs to take everything out of the wagon and then put everything back in again.

Jobs men had to do do were build wagons and build furniture that was a little hard. Men also had to repair wagons when they of the hardest things men had to do was to hunt animals, so the children and wife could eat. One of the most important jobs men had to do was watching the wagon at night from indian attack.

Here are some of the jobs you would have to do on the OregonTrail

Children like to play games like duck-duck goose, leap frog, drop the handkerchief. At night the whole family would come and sit around the fire and tell stories and sing and dance. heir family after a hard day of work.





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