The Ordovician

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The Ordovician

OrdovicianThe Ordovician time period started 488 million years ago and then lasted 44 millions years. For the most part the Earth's climate was warm and wet, with sea levels rising as much as 1,970 feet (600 meters) above those of today.


This is a drawing of the creatures during Ordovician

This is another drawing but with shells that were there

The video

This is video shows how it looks like if you were underwater in this time period, or that it showing examples of what was there in the sea

The Ordovician period was when prehistoric creatures lived in the sea. Most animals were in the sea at this time

The reason the creatures in the Ordovician time period were extinct was beacuse there was a massive ice age that froze the sea

This is more detailed and colored piture of the animals

Another detailed picture that shows the creatures

Made by Samuel Joslin


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