The Opression of the Jewish in European Cities

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Jewish History

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The Opression of the Jewish in European Cities

Hari, Max, Neal, Marco

People throughout Europe believed that the Jewish people had wronged them in some way. Hitler told the German people that they would have won the First World War if the Jews did not "stab them in the back."

Adolf Hitler and the German government created propaganda that was Antisemitic, or against the Jews. The citizens of Germany proceeded to believe what the government told them.


The Opression of the Jewish in European cities

Why ?

Jews in Germany were mandated to wear a Star of David on them. The Star of David is a symbol of the Jewish religion. Those who wore it were most probably seen as repulsive by the common German citizen.

The Star of David

Der Ewige Jude was a German film from 1940. It translates to "The Eternal Jew." It was also extremely Antisemitic, and many people believed the horrific things that it stated about Jews.

Eventually, because of all of the propaganda and fear of the Jewish people, they were sent to concentration camps. There, they would work for the very government that incarcerated them or die. This was the beginning of the Jewish Holocaust.

The Beginning of the Holocaust


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