The Open Window

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The Open Window

IronySitualtional: Nuttle goes to the country to get rest and a cure, but the exact opposite happens Verbal: Vera's name means ''truth'', but she lies.Dramatic: We know Vera is lying, but Mrs. Sappleton and the other characters do not. Also Vera's story to Nuttle.

CharacterizationVera is Mrs. Sappleton's niece, she is fifteen years old, and self possesed. Some things we pick up about her is that she is witty, good story teller, smart, creative, and could be classified as a pathological lier.

ConflictInternal: Nuttle has a mental condition that he's trying to cureExternal: Nuttle meats some nice people, but Vera scares him away with her story.

ThemeLies is the main theme of ''The Open Window.'' The lies that Vera tells to Nuttle and to Mrs. Sappleton and her husband and three brothers-in-law. It's also dont believe everything you hear. Mr. Nuttle had a nervous disorder and Vera took advantage of that. Mrs. Sappleton had no idea about the lie and when Nuttle ran off Vera lied again, saying that Nuttle had a fear of dogs.

Short Story SummeryFramton Nuttel has moved to the country to cure a nervous condition of is mind. The story centers on his visit to Mrs. Sappleton’s home.Mr. Nuttel first meets Mrs. Sappleton’s niece Vera, who entertains him until her aunt is available. Vera has an overactive imagination and is mischievous. Vera tells Nuttel a story about her aunt while they wait.Three years ago, Mr. Sappleton and his two younger brothers-in-law went hunting, leaving the house through a window, which was left open until their return. All three of them were lost in a bog that day and their bodies were never found. Her aunt was in a state of denial to avoid going mad with grief. She left the window open, expecting that they would come back.When Mrs. Sappleton finally appears, she explains why the window is open, apparently confirming Vera’s story. Read “the Open Window” by Saki to find out if Mr. Nuttle’s condition is cured.

The Open Window

SettingRural Country in the month of October adn in a peaceful contry in about the 1900s. Nuttel seems a little uneasy about the place too. You can notice that its about the 1900s because they hunt for their dinner and they can't call, but they send letters of introduction.

Point of View3rd person omniscient

Author BioSaki lived from 1870 to 1916. He was born to British parents in Burma/Myanmar, but for most of his life, Saki lived in England. He is known for storus of wit, sometimes cruelty, and surprise endings. ''The Open Window'' was one of his best.

SymbolismThe window represents Mrs. Sappleton's heart break (in Vera's story). It really symbolizes deciet - it's ironic though because open windows usuallt represent truth and honesty.

Plot StructureExposition: Vera tells Nuttle about her aunt's ''tradegy'' and the window.Rising Action: He meets Vera and Mrs. Sappleton.Climax: He sees three men comimg to the house.Falling Action: He runs away and the men and Mrs. Sappleton disscus his quick retreat.Resolution: We realize Vera lied to Nuttle and then she lies again to her aunt and the three men.

By: Hannah Kalsbeek


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