The Oort Cloud

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The Oort Cloud

There is no plans to visit The Oort Cloud yet, beacuse of the distance it is away from Earth It causes that problem of fuel money and the fact that we don't even know where it is excatly

Icy Objects in the Oort Cloud are composed of ammonia, water, and methane

- As you probably already knew The Oort Cloud is named after Jan Oort - It is belived to have or contains 0.1 to 2 trillion icy bodies in it's solar orbit - most comets originate from the Oort Cloud

Fun Facts - The outer extent of the Oort cloud is belived to be in the region of space where the sun's gravitational pull is weaker than the influence of the nearby stars - Long period comets come out of the Oort Cloud

Both the Kupiter Belt and The Oort Cloud are considered to be Trans-Neotunian Objects(TNO), because they are both farther away from the sun than Neptune's orbit

Facts: -In 1950 a dutch astronomer named Jan Oort discovered the Oort cloud -He said that certain comets come from a vast, extremely distant spherical shell of icy bodies surrounding the solar system

The Oort Cloud

Since the Oort Cloud to too far away it hasn't been fully discovered like the Kupiter Belt

The Oort Cloud is approximately 3 light years, about 30 trillion kilometers from the Sun.The total mass of the Oort Cloud is estimated to be 40 times Earth

The Oort Cloud's distance is about 5000 to 50 000 AU (with 1 AU being the distance from the Sun to the Earth)

Comets All long comets 200 years to orbit the sun originate in the Oort Cloud!!!!


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