The One and Only Ivan

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The One and Only Ivan

Author: Katherine Applegate

Genre/ThemeGenre- General Theme- friendship, anger, courage, loneliness, determination, unafairness, and creativity.

SettingsExit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade - Home of the One and Only IvanPresent time

CharactersIvan - Siverback GorillaStella and Ruby - ElephantsBob - DogJulia, George, Mack - Humans

The One and Only Ivan

Problem, conflict

Reviews on the Book

Beautifuly written, intelligent, and brave,this story is life changing.- PATRICIA MacLACHLAN

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN will break your heart- and then, against all odds, mend it again. Read this.-GARY D. SCHMIDT


Stella and Ruby



By Emma

Ivan is a Silverback gorilla, and ever since he was little has been locked up in a domain. He's seen other animals come and pass, even a really good friend. Then a new animal comes along and he wants to make sure that this new animal will not live a life like him.Locked up.Forever.

This book was reccommended to me by a lady at the bookstore, my friend, and my mom.

Cliffhanger Ivan has a plan. With the help of George and Julia,he may be able to save Ruby. Although this plan is putting George's job at risk when he needs it most. All Ivan knows is he doesn't want to see the claw-stick again. Will Ruby be safe?Will this book have a happy ending?These questions will be answered in The One and Only Ivan.


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