The one and only ivan

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The one and only ivan

This book is about the real life ivan who lives at the atlanta zoo this book is a fiction book about Ivan but is still bast off of Ivan.

The one and only Ivan is about animals that live in the exit 8 big top mall and video arcade. Ivan the one and only mighty silverback as he is know as by Mack the owner of big top mall. When the mall is not having too many customers coming in as they usually have coming in mack orders a new baby elephant to bring in more customers. The new elephants name is ruby. Ruby is a very curious little elephant. One week later Stella the elephant that lives next to Ivan passes away because of her foot injuring and old age. Stella was taking care of before she died so Ivan wants to take over Stellas place. That night julia who is goerge the cleaners daughter came and went over to Ivans domain like she always does and slipped a piece of paper under with a crayon. Juila demestrated how to draw. By the next day Ivan already learned how to draw and drew many pictures to get his mind off ofStella. Later on that day Mack came to cheack on Ivan and found his pictures then Mack got the idea to sell Ivans pictures. Read the book to find out more.

this is a picture of my book

charcters Ivan: the one and only gorilla and main charctersStella: A very caring elephantRuby: a very curious baby elephantMack: the owner of Ivan and the owner of the exit 8 big top mallNot tag: Ivans stuffed animal that is named after his sister named tag but since it is not her she has not in her nameGoerge: the cleanerJulia: goerges daughter who sees ivan alot.

The setting is the exit 8 big top mall and video arcade.


This is my Author

I give this book 5 stars


My Author lives in california with her husband and kids

There are 300 pages

My favorite part is when they talk about when ivan was a baby

My book that I choose was called The one and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

By,Carole Moran

I love this book!

My book is written in first person

Kathrine applegate also wrote ~ The island books ~ crenshaw~ the buffalo storm


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